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GeoICT laboratory always welcomes prospective students who are enthusiastically willing to pursue master or doctoral research projects in geospatial science and engineering!


Current Position Openings (Updated March 1, 2009)

We are always looking for self-motivated and talented post-graduate students who wish to work at the GeoICT lab. At present, the GeoICT lab is building research capacity with new graduate students in following fields:

  • Vision-based autonomous navigation of UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) and UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) for risk-namagement applications.
  • Image rectification and sensor pose estimation of non-metric cameras for identification, re-identification of pedestrians and tracking people's movement in indoor or outdoor invironments.
  • 3D reconstruction of photo-reallistic building facade models.
  • Classification of building facade materilas using TLS or MLS.
  • Optimal SDSS (Spatial Decision Support System) for Green GIS applications.
  • Effective 3D redering and 3D sementic networking of large-scale cityscapes (in-door and outdoor) for LBS and ICT applications.
  • Sensor networking technology for indoor and outdoor survelliance.


If you are interested in any of the research topics addressed above, please contact

Dr. Gunho Sohn ( or

Dr. Costas Armenakis (

Past Position Openings

2009-1) Graduate student research position(s) - Unmanned Aerial Mapping Systems (UAMS)

We are currently seeking for highly talented and motivated graduate students (MSc and PhD levels) to work on the development and use of low-cost unmanned aerial mapping systems (UMAS) and mobile mapping systems for rapid mapping, monitoring and tracking to explore their potential and reliability in operational environments. Strong background in Geomatics Engineering, Computer Science or Computer Engineering and excellent programming skills are required.

Interested applicants please send by e-mail your curriculum vitae, a copy of your transcript and short description of your motivations for this type of research to:

Costas Armenakis, PhD, PEng
Assistant Professor
Geomatics Engineering
Department of Earth and Space Science and Engineering
York University


URL:  ;  ;


2008-3) Graduate student research position - Spatiotemporal Power-line Risk Management Using GIS Technologies

Dr. Gunho Sohn is looking for self-motivated graduate student at MSc or PhD level in GIScience to develop a spatiotemporal risk management system for effectively managing Utilities, mainly transmission lines over the times using GIS technologies. The student will investigate a sophisticate risk process which affect physical transmission lines' safety by integrating 3D models of individual trees, transmission lines, towers and other man-made objects with spatial and temporal modeling of ambient temperature, wind, tree growth, land type, geological process, etc. An ultimate goal of this research aims to develop an innovative GIS system for effective management of power-line risks which requires advances in spatiotemporal decision making algorithms, geovisualization and GeoWeb technologies. An appropriate candidate is required to demonstrate strong academic interests in GIS and disaster management with an appropriate research background in one of following areas: applied mathematics, computer science/graphics, Geomatics Engineering, Environmental Science and Geography.


Expected Starting Date: ASAP or at the latest September 1, 2009. 

Project Sponsor: Ontario Accelerate Program, GeoDigital International Inc., OCE

Benefits: Students will closely work with GeoDigital International Inc. ( on the site for at least two months.

Please interested applicants send an email to Dr. Gunho Sohn ( with your resume and a short description of your research statement.

Gunho Sohn, PhD
Assistant Professor, Geomatics Engineering, York University
Director of GeoICT Laboratory

T. +1 416 650 8011 | E.


2008-2) Scholarships Available for Two MSc Students

*The positions have not been filled yet - we are still looking for applications who start his or her graduate studies in the next term (March 4, 2009).
We are currently looking for two highly talented and motivated students who wish to study at the Masters level while working in the research area of 3D Modeling and Remote sensing data fusion. Research topics include:


a)      3D modeling of powerline towers and transmission lines, and

b)     Photogrammetric integration of airborne LiDAR and optical sensors using powerline features.

Strong background in Geomatics Engineering, Computer Science or Computer Engineering and excellent programming skills are preferred. These positions are fully funded.

The Geomatics Engineering program within the Department of Earth and Space Science and Engineering at York University is the newest four-year Geomatics Engineering program in Canada. The program is accredited by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board within the recently created School of Engineering of York University. Through the Faculty of Science and Engineering, students benefit from the interdisciplinary teaching and research in both the undergraduate and graduate programs. Master’s and Doctoral degrees are offered within the strengths of geodynamics, gravimetry, satellite and inertial precise positioning and navigation, GIS, and terrestrial, airborne and satellite imaging and ranging research supported by substantial external research grants and contracts.

Interested applicants please respond by e-mail, sending your curriculum vitae, a copy of your transcript and a short description of your motivations for this type of research.


Dr. Gunho Sohn
Assistant Professor, ESSE Department, York University
E-mail) | Phone) +1 416 650 8011


2008-1) Scholarships Available for Three PhD Students

*PhD positions have now been filled. Thank you to all that applied.

We are looking for two MSc students whose researches are fully funded in following areas:


  • Spatiotemporal power-line scene classification based on artificial intelligence in  a combination of  multiple-viewing  digital  frame cameras, full-waveform lidar data and hyperspectral camera
  • Continuous (i.e., time-series) 3D modeling of man-made and natural objects
  • Intelligent recognition of individual tree species, geometric parameters, healthiness,  stress using  full-waveform  lidar integrated with  hyperspectral  imagers


Candidates who are interesting in the proposed researches please send email to Dr. Gunho Sohn ( The candidates would be expected to start their researches from September 1st, 2008.

Further details about positions: Vacancy posting



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